Restart All SharePoint Services Using PowerShell

restart all SharePoint services via a single line of PowerShell


Oh Where Oh Where Has My Little [DelayActivty] Gone, Oh Where Oh Where Can He Be?

Ever wonder where SharePoint keeps it’s “To Do List of things I should remember about currently running DelayActivities”? Want to figure out if there are any “dead timer events” associated with any of your workflow DelayActivities that will never be delivered? Here’s a piece of SQL that will dump out all the event deliveries that are pending […]

Workflow Task Due Dates – Give Them The Entire Last Day To Finish Their Task

Are you setting the DueDate property of your workflow tasks to a date that you pluck from an InfoPath 2007 workflow initialization form using logic similar to the following? Please realize that if ApproverDueDate is 2008-12-31, the task will be considered overdue at 2008-12-31 00:00:00, exactly one day less than what the task assignee might expect.  […]