SharePoint 2007 Feature Activation Commandment

Thou shalt make sure thou art a Site Collection Administrator when running STSADM -o ActivateFeature that creates new sites or else thou art doomed to suffer painfully with Access Denied errors and half-baked sites. On 2011-05-27. on a SharePoint 2007 SP2 project I was working on, the Farm Administrator was running a series of STSADM commands […]

Oh Where Oh Where Has My Little [DelayActivty] Gone, Oh Where Oh Where Can He Be?

Ever wonder where SharePoint keeps it’s “To Do List of things I should remember about currently running DelayActivities”? Want to figure out if there are any “dead timer events” associated with any of your workflow DelayActivities that will never be delivered? Here’s a piece of SQL that will dump out all the event deliveries that are pending […]