SQL Server job schedule needs to be disabled after rebuilding MOSS 2007

A few months back, I had to perform a partial rebuild of my MOSS 2007 SP1 environment. One of the steps was to build a new SSP using SharePoint Central Admin which in turn created a new SQL Server 2005 SP3 database for that new SSP. Everything has been working fine. The other day, I fired up SQL Server Management Studio and decided to explore the SQL Server Logs. Inside those logs I found endless occurrences of the following error message:

Login failed for user ‘mytestdomain\sqlserver’

The message was occurring every minute.

I searched the internet and found several references to various SQL Server Jobs that MOSS 2007 SP1 sets up under SQL Server Agent. One such job has a long title that ends with “DB_Job_DeleteExpiredSessions”. In my case, there were two of those jobs, one for the old, discontinued SSP and one for the new replacement SSP. When I right-clicked on the old job and chose View History, the same pattern of errors was visible that I had seen earlier in the SQL Server Logs. I disabled the scheduling of that job and the errors stopped.

Lesson learned: when you reconfigure your SharePoint SSP’s, don’t forget to check SQL Server Jobs associated with any SSP’s that you replaced or deleted to insure your SQL Server Logs aren’t filled with needless error messages about failed logins.


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