Workflow Task Due Dates – Give Them The Entire Last Day To Finish Their Task

Are you setting the DueDate property of your workflow tasks to a date that you pluck from an InfoPath 2007 workflow initialization form using logic similar to the following?

 // capture task due date from XSD-generated InfoPath form class module
ApproverDueDate = frmInit.ApproveDueDate;

// set up SPWorkflowProperties of the task
taskProps.StartDate = DateTime.Now;
taskProps.DueDate = ApproverDueDate;
taskProps.PercentComplete = 0.0f;

// later on, after a DelayActivity finishes waiting for the due date to arrive so it can check for incomplete tasks...
if {DateTime.Now > ApproverDueDate)
    // perform some actions that result in automatic task completion

Please realize that if ApproverDueDate is 2008-12-31, the task will be considered overdue at 2008-12-31 00:00:00, exactly one day less than what the task assignee might expect.  If you want to give the task assignee until the end of the day of the task due date to complete his task, you should change your code to something more like this:

// allow task to be completed up until 23:59:59 of the due date
ApproverDueDate = frmInit.ApproveDueDate.AddDays(1).AddSeconds(-1);

Keep the above in mind for overdue task reminder dates too!


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